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Email newsletters are a great way to keep your contacts informed about new products, upcoming sales, re-engage old contacts or just telling everyone what’s up. We make creating and sending email newsletters so simple your grandmother could do it!

Build Your Email Newsletters in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Build Your Email List

Collect new contacts with a custom-built email newsletter subscription form! Contact Builder can help you build up your subscribers.

Step 2: Welcome New Subscribers

We schedule and create a recurring mailing based on a new subscriber joining your email list!

Step 3: Send Your Newsletter

Our drag-and-drop editor save you time in your busy day. Simply find a template you want to use, drag in your content, and click send! Learn more about our drag-and-drop editor.

Don’t Have Time to Do It Yourself?

Keeping up with regular newsletters can be a challenge, but you know how important it is to engage your customers. Let us do the heavy lifting creating content or finding articles to share in your newsletter for you!

Email marketing option overload

There’s an ocean of email marketing companies out there. This is your starting point to set sail and find your first, or last, email service provider.

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