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Deliverability is critical for email marketing to succeed. Sure, many email service providers tout a high deliverability rate, and we do too, but deliverability is more than just making sure your emails hit the inbox and not the spam box. It’s about keeping tabs on Reverse DNS, DKIM and SPF. It’s about a consistent reputation with blacklisters. It’s about making sure one client doesn’t ruin the deliverability experience for others–and we’re very serious about that.

So much so, we provide our customers deliverability services they can add to their account. Our deliverability team is more than just your dedicated account manager feeding you best practices. We have a veteran staff that focuses on deliverability. Their sole responsibility is monitoring bulk list uploads, bounce rates, authentications and spam reporting.

When it comes to email deliverability, permission cannot be purchased. Maximizing reach, frequency, and revenue should be your goals of email marketing, and we’re here to support our senders avoid deliverability risks.

Deliverability Customer Solutions

Check out our deliverability options available to any customer.

Standard Authentication

Increase engagement and ensure you are not sending emails to false or outdated addresses. This comes standard for all licenses as we dedicate ourselves to helping you set up SPF and DKIM authentication so your emails arrive in the inbox vs. spam box. We’ll also look at your unsubscribes and ensure they stay unsubscribed when moving to Delivra. Protect your reputation and deliverability metrics.

Dedicated IP and Domain Purchase

For high volume senders, consider protecting your deliverability rates and consistent branding with a dedicated IP address and a custom Domain Purchase. We include consulting time with any purchase of a dedicated IP to get the IP set up and help ensure a proper warm-up schedule. A custom, transferable domain allows you to send from a vanity domain while still ensuring SPF/DKIM are set up and ready to begin sending.

Advanced Email Validation

Reduce bounces, unsubscribes, and ensure your contact list contains only those that will engage with your content. We will review your email list and scrub out bad, flagged or outdated emails addresses. We typically recommend this done in bulk before starting to send.

Deliverability Consulting

We provide specialized deliverability consulting to measurably improve performance while ensuring use of best practices that lead to higher deliverability rates and a better chance for consumer engagement. Customers purchase deliverability consulting in units of 10 hours, and we’ll work with you to schedule them when they are most helpful to your email marketing strategy.

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Learn why the vast majority of factors that determine whether an email campaign will reach people’s inboxes or not are completely in your control.

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