Advanced eCommerce Segmentation

Create dynamic segments with a simple, intuitive interface.

With Delivra Commerce, you can create precise, advanced segments in just a few minutes. Using our built-in automatic segments or segments you build yourself, you can pinpoint specific customer groups and target them effectively.

Built-in Automatic Segments

When you integrate Delivra with WooCommerce, Magento, or Shopify, the system generates automatic segments based on purchases from your platform’s categories or product types.

Build Your Own Segments

Create your own segments to be used for regular, split-test and triggered campaigns. For example, you can use abandoned cart data to create a triggered mailing or order data to cross-sell other products.

Battle cart abandonment

Online shoppers are leaving trillons of dollars in products in their carts. See how you can make more sales through a strategic shopping cart abandonment strategy.

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