Email Marketing for WooCommerce

Increase your customer lifetime value

Our WooCommerce email marketing integration lets you send hyper-targeted emails, segment your customers based on data in the WooCommerce platform, and build robust automated drip campaigns.

Integrate with WooCommerce

It is quite simple to connect Delivra to your WooCommerce store.  With Delivra, you have a dedicated account rep who can walk you through everything or you can install directly. In no time, you’ll be creating targeted segments, increase LTV and sell more products.

Email for eCommerce

After you connect Delivra and WooCommerce, you can take advantage of robust email marketing campaigns, including:

  • Send targeted emails to customers based on purchase data and history
  • Create customer segments using purchase data, money spent, and types of products purchased
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your customers with drip campaigns
  • Track the results of your eCommerce email marketing campaigns

Let us show you how to integrate with WooCommerce...simply.

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