Information Security Policy

Delivra provides 24/7 monitoring to ensure your data is reliable and secure.

A successful digital marketing campaign requires user-friendly tools and reliable support and we take pride in providing just that – but at Delivra, we don’t stop there. We know that keeping the program secure is of the utmost importance.

To achieve the most guarded data security, we have aligned ourselves with Expedient, a true partner that guarantees the availability and reliability of our network, monitors our IT servers around the clock and provides a world-class data center for the backbone of our digital marketing software. Our relationship with Expedient has allowed us, in effect, to add an entire SAS 70 type II – compliant IT team that does nothing but focus on our technical infrastructure and the security of our data.

Physical access to your data is strictly controlled with 24-hour-monitored video surveillance, biometrics, and multiple security checkpoints in an environmentally controlled and monitored facility. Background checks are performed on all personnel in critical infrastructure positions at Delivra. Electronic access is strictly controlled and monitored around the clock in Expedient’s state-of-the-art Network Operation Facility. Our world-class monitoring system continually scans in real time looking for unauthorized access attempts and unusual network activity. We use enterprise tools for keeping all of our applications patched and current.

The benefit to our clients? Unparalleled data and network security and the most reliable email campaign tool on the market.