Anti-Spam Policy

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect our customers to do the same. After all, your reputation is on the line, so by strictly adhering to our anti-SPAM position you become a better marketer. Where SPAM is concerned, we look at things in black and white…there are no gray areas. And that’s why we call what we do “permission-based email marketing.” Simply put, SPAM is email sent to someone who did not ask to receive email from you. Your list cannot be purchased or rented or borrowed. All members of your list must have asked to receive your emails by opting in on a survey, on your website or through an email forwarded to them by someone else.

Further, every email sent from the Delivra system must contain valid “From” and “Reply To” addresses. Every email must also contain the name and physical address of the sender and must clearly give the recipient the option to unsubscribe from the list. All unsubscribe requests must be honored promptly.

Delivra monitors list imports constantly. An unexpected large increase in your list size may trigger an automatic disabling of your list until the opt-in nature of the addresses can be confirmed. Additionally, Delivra monitors blacklist and abuse accounts so we can readily identify anyone violating the rules. Feedback received through SPAM reporting services with major ISPs (like Hotmail and AOL) is collected automatically and analyzed to determine if an account is exceeding acceptable limits. If your account exceeds a .20% complaint rate (more than 20 complaints per 10,000 recipients) your account manager will get involved and if we can’t resolve the issues together, your service will be terminated.

If you feel you have received SPAM from a Delivra customer, write to us at If we find that our anti-SPAM policy has been violated, we may remove that list from our server and terminate that sender’s account.