Privacy Policy

At Delivra, we take your privacy seriously.

Ours is a reputation business and it’s critical to our success (and the success of our clients), that we make privacy a cornerstone of our operations. The bottom line is that we’ll never use the information you entrust to us for purposes other than that information’s intended use. Common sense and honesty are fundamental values here at Delivra, and we welcome your questions and comments about this important issue. Use the Contact Us page to quickly get in touch with us.

Privacy Infrastructure

Information security permeates our organization. All Delivra staff are trained and undergo periodic refreshers in Information Security. View our Information Security policy for specifics. It’s worth specifically noting here that we do have infrastructure partners that have limited access to some Delivra systems. Any partner or contractor that may come into contact with any Delivra data signs a non-disclosure agreement and only has access for the purposes of troubleshooting or administration of computer equipment. That access is on an as-needed basis and only for the appropriate time period necessary. We strictly monitor all access and our Security Officer is always available to answer questions or respond to concerns. Use the Contact Us page to quickly get in touch with the Security Officer.

Delivra’s stance on SPAM

We follow a strict anti-SPAM policy here at Delivra. View our anti-SPAM policy for specifics. We send “permission based” or “opt-in” email ONLY. You can always report suspected abuses of this policy to

Opting in/out

Every message sent from Delivra software contains a link that allows the recipient to “opt-in/out” of receiving future email messages from that sender. Use the link in the footer of the email message or forward the entire message to  Notification preferences can be changed upon notification to Delivra via email, writing, or phone.  If not using email, Delivra can be contacted at the following:

8415 Allison Point Blvd, Ste 100
Indianapolis, IN  46250

Email Sent to Delivra

When you submit an email message to Delivra, we may store your name, email address, and other information from the header of the email for future reference. We’ll never sell or rent your email address, or any other personal information, with anyone except those specifically mentioned in this policy (see the Privacy Infrastructure section above for more).

Form Submissions

Some of the forms Delivra uses request personal information. Again, we don’t rent, sell, or share your information with anyone not specifically mentioned in this Privacy Policy. The information collected on the forms is used for the purposes spelled out on the form. We don’t ever release that information to third parties.

If You Send Email Using Our Systems

Our clients trust us with the precious commodity of their reputations by storing information about their members on our servers in the form of membership lists. View our Information Security topic for specifics on how seriously we take this trust. We will never sell, rent, lease, share, transfer or otherwise disclose that information (or list administrator login information) to third parties.

Automatic Collection of Data

Delivra utilizes “pixel tags” and other methods to report on the engagement of recipients of the emails we send to users of our software, as well as the recipients of emails sent by our clients. Pixel tags are small image files included in HTML emails. When a recipient’s email client displays images, the image is retrieved from Delivra’s servers, allowing our system to record data such as which email address opened the mailing. Collected data also includes the data and time, and other information used to analyze the delivery success and engagement of the recipient.

Delivra also logs all use of Delivra software in order to gauge traffic, troubleshoot problems, and analyze trends: which allow us to provide the quality service our clients expect.

Delivra utilizes cookies in order to deliver content specific to Web site visitor’s interests and to improve the convenience and efficiency of our clients’ experience when using our services. Usage of a cookie is not linked to any personally identifiable information in Delivra’s products and email messages. Visitors can choose not to accept cookies, but doing so may inhibit use of Delivra’s products and services.

Links to other Websites

Delivra’s Website, and emails delivered through our software may include links to other Web sites. Delivra is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of other Web sites.

Customer Notifications

Delivra’s customers are notified of this Privacy Policy upon activating their account and agree to adhere to the outlined privacy practices to ensure their customer data is secure.  In addition to notification upon contract, Delivra also provides this Privacy Policy upon request and on the company website at .

Assessment of Privacy Compliance

Delivra periodically reviews all privacy and data integrity practices to ensure that all actions remain in compliance with US and EU laws governing the security of information and email delivery.

Training of Staff on Privacy Practices

Delivra’s staff are continually trained and updated on regulations, policies, and privacy practices to ensure that the entire company maintains compliance and customer data remains secure.

Safe Harbor Data Privacy Notice

Delivra, Inc. (“Delivra”) adheres to the Safe Harbor Principles published by the U.S. Department of Commerce (the “Safe Harbor Principles”) with respect to personal information (as defined below) it receives from the European Union. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, and to view Delivra’s certification, please visit

Delivra will respond to your request to access or delete personal information within 30 days as is required under the EU Safe Harbor program.

This notice outlines our general policy and practices for implementing the Safe Harbor Principles, including the type of information to which this notice applies, how we use personal information, and the choices individuals have regarding our use of, and their ability to correct, that personal information. If there is any conflict between the policies in this notice and the Safe Harbor Principles, the Safe Harbor Principles will govern.

This notice applies to all personal information we handle, including on-line (except as noted below), and manually processed data. For purposes of this notice, “personal information” means data that: is transferred from the European Union to the United States; is recorded in any form; and is about, or pertains to, a specific individual who is identified in, or is identifiable from, the data.

“Sensitive information” is a subcategory of personal information. Sensitive information is defined as personal information specifying medical or health conditions, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, or the sex life of the individual. Sensitive information also includes personal information received from a third party where the third party treats and identifies it as sensitive.

Safe Harbor Principles Regarding Personal Information

Notice and Choice

We notify individuals about the personal information we collect from them, how we use it, and how to contact us with privacy concerns. We obtain personal information only as permitted by the Safe Harbor Principles or with the consent of the individual affected. Consent for personal information to be collected, used, and/or disclosed in certain ways may be required in order for an individual to obtain or use our services. To the extent permitted under the Safe Harbor, we reserve the right to process personal information in the course of providing professional services to our clients without the knowledge of individuals involved.

Disclosures and Transfers

We do not disclose personal information to third parties, except when one or more of the following conditions is true:

We have the individual’s permission to make the disclosure; The disclosure is permitted by law or mandatory professional standards; The disclosure is reasonably related to the sale or other disposition of all or part of our business or assets; The personal information to be disclosed is publicly available; The party to whom the disclosure is made controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with Delivra; The disclosure is reasonably necessary for the establishment or maintenance of legal claims; or The disclosure is to persons or entities for whom we are providing services, provided the disclosure is consistent with the purpose for which the personal information was obtained.

We will comply with the Safe Harbor Principles with respect to disclosures of sensitive information, including, when applicable, obtaining the explicit consent of the individual prior to disclosing sensitive information to a third party or using sensitive information for purposes other than those for which it was originally collected or subsequently authorized by the individual. Transfers of information permitted under this notice, either to third parties or within Delivra, include the transfer of data from one jurisdiction to another, such as transfers to and from the United States of America.

Data Security, Integrity, and Access

We employ physical, electronic, and managerial measures, including education and training of our personnel, designed to provide the personal information in our possession with reasonable protection from accidental loss or destruction, improper use, alteration, or disclosure. Personal information collected or displayed through a website is protected in transit by industry standard encryption processes. However, we cannot guarantee the security of personal information accessible on or transmitted via the Internet.

We process personal information in ways compatible with the purpose for which the personal information was collected, or as otherwise authorized by the individual. To the extent necessary for such purposes, we take reasonable steps to make sure that personal information is accurate, complete, current, and otherwise reliable with regard to its intended use.

If an individual becomes aware that personal information we maintain about that individual is inaccurate, or if an individual would like to update or review his or her personal information, the individual may contact us using the contact information below. As a security precaution, we may request that the individual provide identifying information such as name, address, birth date, and/or social security number. In addition, we may limit or deny access to personal information where providing such access would be unreasonably burdensome or expensive in the circumstances, or as otherwise permitted by the Safe Harbor Agreement. In some circumstances, we may charge a reasonable fee, where warranted, for access to personal information.

Accountability and Enforcement

We established a program to monitor our adherence to the Safe Harbor Principles and to address questions and concerns regarding our adherence. This program will include a statement, at least once a year, signed by our authorized representative, verifying our adherence to the Safe Harbor Principles. We encourage interested persons to raise any concerns with us using the contact information below.

With respect to any dispute relating to this notice that cannot be resolved through our internal processes, we will cooperate with competent European Union data protection authorities and comply with the advice of such authorities. In the event that we or such authorities determine that we did not comply with this notice, we will take appropriate steps to address any adverse effects and to promote future compliance.


We may amend this notice from time to time by posting a revised notice on this Web site, or a similar Web site that replaces this Web site. If we amend the notice, the new notice will apply to personal information previously collected only insofar as the rights of the individual affected are not reduced. So long as we profess to adhere to the Safe Harbor Principles, we will not amend this notice in a manner inconsistent with the Safe Harbor Principles.

Information Subject to Other Policies

We are committed to following the Safe Harbor Principles for all personal information, as that term is defined herein. Other information we receive may be subject to policies that may differ in some respects from the policies set forth in this notice. Certain of our Websites have their own privacy policies that apply specifically to those Web sites. Those policies may be accessed through the Web sites in question. Information relating to present or former Delivra personnel is subject to our policies concerning personnel data privacy, which are available to present and former Delivra personnel upon request. Information obtained from or relating to clients or former clients is further subject to the terms of any privacy commitment made to the client, any agreements with the client, and/or any applicable laws and professional standards.

Anti-SPAM Position

That headline is our hallmark. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect our customers to do the same. After all, your reputation is on the line, so by strictly adhering to our anti-SPAM position you become a better marketer. Where SPAM is concerned, we look at things in black and white…there are no gray areas. And that’s why we call what we do “permission-based email marketing.”

Simply put, SPAM is email sent to someone who did not ask to receive email from you. Your list cannot be purchased or rented or borrowed. All members of your list must have asked to receive your emails by opting in on a survey, on your website or through an email forwarded to them by someone else.

Further, every email sent from the Delivra system must contain valid “From” and “Reply To” addresses. Every email must also contain the name and physical address of the sender and must clearly give the recipient the option to unsubscribe from the list. All unsubscribe requests must be honored promptly.

Delivra monitors list imports constantly. An unexpected large increase in your list size may trigger an automatic disabling of your list until the opt-in nature of the addresses can be confirmed. Additionally, Delivra monitors blacklist and abuse accounts so we can readily identify anyone violating the rules. Feedback received through SPAM reporting services with major ISPs (like Hotmail and AOL) is collected automatically and analyzed to determine if an account is exceeding acceptable limits. If your account exceeds a .20% complaint rate (more than 20 complaints per 10,000 recipients) your account manager will get involved and if we can’t resolve the issues together, your service will be terminated.

If you feel you have received SPAM from a Delivra customer, write to us at If we find that our anti-SPAM policy has been violated, we may remove that list from our server and terminate that sender’s account.

Further Questions

If you have any questions about Delivra’s Privacy Policy, please contact us at 317-915-9400 or send us an email.

Delivra Contact Information:

8415 Allison Point Blvd, Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN  46250

Should you experience issues resolving a privacy concern for any European resident, please contact the Data & Marketing Association at:

Safe Harbor
Data & Marketing Association
225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 325
Alexandria, VA 22314
DMA Consumer Guides


Delivra SMS Privacy Policy

Delivra is an email marketing and automation company. Our services enable the creation and measurement of digital marketing campaigns through our cloud based platform. Our customers are generally product and service marketers who communicate to their customers through digital channels (e.g. email, text, social).

This privacy policy is for those who received a message from a Delivra user, similar in nature to messages that you may receive from someone who uses Gmail, Yahoo, AIM, and other messaging channels. Delivra is dedicated to protecting personal information and will make every reasonable effort to handle collected information appropriately. All collected information will be handled as carefully, securely and efficiently as possible.

If you believe you have received unwanted, unsolicited messages from the Delivra system, please forward a copy of that email with your comments to, and Delivra will take an appropriate action. If you received an unwanted text message please call the Delivra Support Line at 1-866-915-9465 or read more detailed instructions below.

Information Collected

Your contact information (belonging to you, the subscriber) is collected by a Delivra user on an opt-in basis and can be collected in different ways:

Delivra users can collect your first name, last name, phone number, email address, and other custom data when you willingly subscribe to the Delivra user’s online sign-up page (“OSP”).

Delivra user can also collect your mobile number when you text the Delivra user’s mobile keyword to Delivra’s short code. Certain SMS text features enable the collection of name, email address, or other customized information by asking you to reply via SMS texts with specific information.

NOTE: Message and data rates may apply.

Delivra user may have previously collected your contact information on an opt-in basis outside of the Delivra system. The application user states that your contact information was collected with your permission and you have consented to receive messages from the user.

Process to Unsubscribe

All subscribers have the ability to unsubscribe or change their personal subscription settings at any time.

To unsubscribe for:

Email: Click the ‘Unsubscribe’ link located at the bottom of each email. ‘Block’ link removes your contact information and additionally prevents the same list from adding you again.

Mobile Text: Text STOP to the short code that you do not wish to receive messages from.

NOTE: Message and data rates may apply.

If you believe that your contact information was collected by a Delivra user without your consent and would like to report spam, please email or call 1-866-915-9465. When reporting the offending organization, please include the contact address or number that sent you the spam, the username of the sender, and the message or first few sentences of the message that you consider spam. Delivra has a no tolerance spam policy.

NOTE: The Delivra service is not intended for children under 13, and Delivra does not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13. Some Delivra users may classify and rate their message content for recipients who are 21 years of age or older. Please observe content rating for intended audience before you sign up for any distribution list or mobile keyword.

Your Privacy

Delivra DOES NOT and IS PROHIBITED to share your name or any contact information (including names, email, and telephone number) with others except for the very owners of the Online Sign-up pages or the mobile keywords through which you volunteered your information. You have given them (“Delivra users”) explicit permission to send messages to your contact information when you signed up. If the Delivra user added or imported your information without your permission, you can block the user from adding or importing it again. If this happened, please report the Delivra user by calling 1-866-915-9465. Delivra believes in a spam-free communication environment.

Delivra may use or disclose information about you, including your personal information, under the following circumstances:

  • To provide you with products and services you request.
  • To anticipate and resolve problems and conflicts with our products and services.
  • For verification and authentication purposes in regards to requests or changes of any personal information or data related.
  • For other purposes communicated to you at the time you provide or authorize the use of your information.
  • To enforce our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy or other legal agreements.
  • To outsource any of the tasks referenced in this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, such as customer service.
  • In response to a subpoena, court order, or other legal process.
  • To establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.
  • To share with a company controlled by, or under common control with Delivra for any purpose permitted by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • When Delivra believes such use or disclosure is (a) necessary in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding suspected illegal activities, fraud, or situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, or (b) required by law.
  • In the event of a merger, acquisition, consolidation, divestiture, or bankruptcy of Delivra.

Our postal address is:

8415 Allison Point Blvd, Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN  46250