An email marketing automation platform that delivers

An email marketing automation platform that delivers

email marketing automation platform delivra

Simple Automation

With our nimble user interface, our email marketing automation platform ensures the right message gets to the right people at precisely the right moment.

  • Maximize the lifetime value of your customers with direct mail, SMS text messages, and call centers by incorporating multi-channel drip campaign flow steps to your automation.
  • Fix on subscribers and customers with triggered mailings automatically sent based on behavior, purchase history, and more.
  • Find what email content drives the highest engagement through A/B testing.
  • Alert your team members instantly when engagement or purchase tendencies arise to capitalize on opportunities.

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Track Your Success

Get actionable data to make smart business decisions with our email marketing automation platform.

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Drag & Drop Simplicity

Let Delivra be your canvas for creating elegant emails. Never before has an email marketing automation platform made it this easy to create beautiful responsive emails.

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Connect Your Store

Connect your commerce store to create targeted campaigns for customer re-engagement, cart recovery, and customer retention.

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A Perfect Fit to Any Marketing Tech Stack

eventbrite email marketing integration

We don’t want to change the way you work — we just want to be a part of it. It’s simple to connect Delivra to the tools you’re already using.

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Email Deliverability

Deliverability is an art, not a science. Protecting your email marketing reputation is important to us. We want to reduce your bounces, unsubscribes and ensure your email list contains only those that will engage with your business. We have an experienced deliverability consultant on staff that can measurably improve your performance while ensuring use of best practices that lead to higher deliverability rates and a better chance for customer engagement.

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Our People are Your People

An email marketing automation platform with actual humans standing by to help—what a concept! Your client success team wants your email newsletters and marketing automation campaigns to move mountains. Whether you’re setting up your first email template, building your subscriber list, or digging into deliverability reports, our people are here to help you succeed.

Cassie B., Client Success Manager

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