How to strengthen email marketing strategy

By July 1, 2011 How-To No Comments

There are many strategies that businesses can use when altering their email marketing list to make the method more appealing to customers.

Loren McDonald, vice president of industry relations for Silverpop, believes that one thing that companies need to consider is how to better incorporate social media.

“Using email to grow your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social fans and followers is clearly a good use of the email channel,” he wrote for Media Post.

When it comes to sending messages out via B2B email lists, Mr McDonald urged companies not to offer an incentive straight from the bat, but instead send “a modest one in the second email and your most aggressive offer in the final email of the series”.

The expert went on to predict that ‘on-boarding’ emails could become more popular in the future, as these put new customers into a category that gives them messages based on their previous behaviour over the web.

Meanwhile, the president of Delivra, Neil Berman, has told businesses that they may benefit from trying to get to know their customers better, which can be easy to do.