New Reporting Dashboard and Dynamic Content Features

Personalization and accurate reporting are two of the key ingredients to a powerful email marketing campaign.

With the importance of these two components working at a high capacity for our users, we’re introducing some new enhanced features to help our results-focused marketers engage their targeted audiences and track their key reporting metrics.

Conditional Content allows you to send different content to different contacts depending on the segments and categories they are members of from within the same email campaign.

conditional content

For example, using Conditional Content you could:

  • Display certain products if the customer has already purchased from a certain product category before.
  • Insert a different offer based on the customer’s geographic location.
  • Send different articles to subscribers based on interests they have predetermined.

We’ve also made our customizable email reporting dashboard in Delivra ever more powerful with the addition of new widgets.

Now you can drag and drop three new widgets to readily show emails sent, text messages sent and received, and inbox rendering previews completed.

new dashboard widget emails sent

Emails sent dashboard widget.

new dashboard widget sms messages sent

SMS text messages sent dashboard widget.

new dashboard widget inbox renderings

Inbox rendering volume dashboard widget.

Each widget can be added multiple times to the your Dashboard, and customize for your reporting needs.

Customization includes the ability select multiple accounts to report on, if you have multiple sub-accounts, and the ability define the time frame to report on, whether it be days, weeks or months.

Now, get out there and start taking advantage of these new features.


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