Underused Marketing Automation Features You’re Forgetting About

While many businesses are opting for this powerful software, not nearly enough brands are fully utilizing all marketing automation features.

Although marketing automation is already a very popular core marketing strategy for all types of businesses, putting it to use for its fullest potential can significantly improve a company’s sales and overall marketing process.

For those who are just getting familiar with marketing automation, here are some of the most commonly underused marketing automation features you should be implementing within your own strategy, and how they will ultimately refined and grow your marketing efforts immensely.

Must-Use Marketing Automation Features

Triggered Mailings

Sending triggered automated emails such as welcome emails and transactional emails can drastically boost visits to your website and conversion rates.

lead nurturing email welcome campaign example

Having an automated email sent for various actions your subscribers and customers take on your website or with your business is a way to keep the line of communication open at all times without requiring manual effort to reach out to each user individually.

Ultimately saving you time and allowing you to appeal to those who are interested in your brand.

Drip Campaigns

With drip campaigns, nurture your leads properly by up-selling and re-engagement.

Drip campaigns that are automated allow you to slowly gain the interest of your readers without bombarding or spamming them all at once.

email marketing for tourism and attractions drip campaign example

Additionally, drip campaigns can effectively increase re-engagement from past shoppers and customers to keep them coming back for more without forgetting about your brand over time.

Drip campaigns are ideal to ensure you remain as relevant as possible in any industry when marketing online and with automated email strategies.

Multi-Channel Drips

While traditional email campaigns that are automated are a great way to increase conversions while grabbing the interest of individuals, multi-channel drips are also vital to long-term success.

Incorporating direct mail, social media, SMS, and other marketing channels into your marketing automation campaigns is a way for you to guarantee you are maximizing your reach when promoting products or services you have to offer.

multichannel drip camapaign email marketing delivra


One of the most important tools to utilize with email marketing automation includes segmentation.

Having the ability to create exact lists of potential leads based on activity or specific demographic data you have available allows you to pinpoint specific audiences with sales, deals, and discounts that are most relevant and useful to your subscribers and customers.

segment email subscribers email marketing

Segmentation is crucial when you want to drive a point home to various types of users, whether they are new subscribers, loyal customers, or even location-specific individuals (when sales or new items you have available are fitting).

Lead Alerts

Having the ability to instantly notify your sales or customer service team members when a client or contact takes a specific action within a drip campaign is essential to keep track of how each email you send is being received.

With instant notifications to your team, take more control of your email campaigns and learn what simply “works” for your readers, whether they have just subscribed to your email list or if they are loyal customers who have used your products and services for years.

Engagement Scoring

Qualify leads based on actions and criteria you specify with any automated campaign you plan and execute.

Using engagement scoring gives you more information into what is working within your emails and what changes may be necessary to improve your campaign’s overall performance.

delivra engagement scoring

Using specific criteria and a scoring system to qualify leads also allows you to target various types of readers and consumers on a more personal level.

Data Integrations

With data integrations such as pulling as much customer information from sources other than your CRM is extremely helpful with automated email campaigns.

Using ticketing software or banking data warehouse are both alternative methods of utilizing as much data as possible when planning and sending new campaigns.

In-depth Reporting

Use custom reports and dashboards to carefully monitor campaign performance, pulling in relevant data such as eCommerce revenue and information from Google Analytics.

commerce reporting email marketing delivra

With in-depth reporting, never miss an opportunity to turn your email messages into potential sales and conversions.

The more reporting you are able to utilize, the easier it becomes to reach subscribers and customers with promotions and news that is on-target.

Dynamic Content

Sending dynamic content that is relevant and personalized for your subscribers is another key to success with automated email campaigns.

Using demographic data through segmentation allows you to incorporate the most relevant information for various types of users who are currently subscribed to your email list.

dynamic content name example email personalization

Incorporating personal names, locations, and even specific products or services that individual segmented groups are interested in promotes your business and brand without appearing too corporate or disconnected from potential customers.


Using a text-to-subscribe option for readers or triggered SMS text messages to existing contacts is a way to reach users on a different platform while also adding new leads to your list for upcoming campaigns you have in mind.

Allowing users to opt-in to receive text messages is a way to ensure you are able to reach customers on the go and wherever they are, ideal for loyal customers who want to hear about sales, promotions, and deals as soon as they happen.

text to subscribe example

Clickstream Tracking

With clickstream tracking you have the ability to see what pages within your website a contact views from your sent email campaigns, helping to better nurture their needs based on various actions they have taken with each message you send.

Monitoring where your readers visit and which links are most likely to be clicked within your email campaigns is another way to truly optimize your future email campaigns for the better.

retail email marketing welcome message

Reply Filtering

Using reply filtering is a way to keep your own inbox free of “out of office” replies from your campaign sends.

Not one of the more flashy marketing automation features out there, but having an unclogged inbox is imperative to streamline your work process without it becoming overwhelmed and bogged down.

Reply filtering allows you to quickly and instantly determine which replies are useful and which have been sent to you automatically, eliminating them from a list of potential customers or readers who have authentic requests and messages for you to read.

Event Marketing

Syncing event software data to create pre and post event campaigns is a way to better engage attendees, keeping their interest while catering to their wants and needs from your brand.

event invitation emails webinar example

Any time you are planning an event, using both pre and post event campaigns reminds attendees and potential customers of your brand while communicating any information you wish to pass on to them effectively.

Web Analytics

Using tools such as Google Analytics to track web visits and actions taken from your automation campaigns helps to improve your ability to craft the right type of marketing emails in the future.

Taking the time to track each individual automation campaign you launch with Google Analytics can quickly provide the necessary insight to develop the most effective marketing messages for your readers and loyal customers any time you have a new promotion you want to share.

Make the Most Out of Your Marketing Automation Features

Getting the most out of your email automation means playing all of the cards you’re dealt while utilizing the automation features you have at your disposal when crafting your marketing strategy.

Delivra has the marketing automation software and tools to help maximize your efforts.

With Delivra, we offer multiple professional services such as full-service email design and drip campaign deployment.

Schedule a personalized software demo today or talk with your client success manager to learn about additional services Delivra can provide your team today.


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