Killer Email Design Insights from Our Senior Graphic Designer

When most of us start planning or revising our email marketing campaigns, we’re more than likely to veer off into discussions about data, strategy, drip campaigns, reports and other exciting components that can get things going.

But don’t forget design and visuals. Statistics show these aspects of your campaign matter a lot when it comes to generating the type of open rates that lead to results. According to Kissmetrics, content with relevant visuals get a whopping 94 percent more views than those without them.

celeste_odellIt shouldn’t be surprising that good design and visuals are more likely to catch our attention. That’s why we talked to Celeste Odell, one of our team members about the benefits of good design with email marketing and how she helps our clients through the process. As Senior Graphic Designer, Celeste is the expert on this topic.

Q: First, let’s talk about the benefits of good design with email marketing.

A:  It doesn’t matter if the client is small, medium or large or operating in a B2B or B2C industry. Well-designed emails regularly generate better clickthrough rates. So, design really does make a difference. You only have a second or two to get a subscriber’s attention. Also, good design leaves a better impression on your brand. If you send out poorly designed emails, not only are you running the risk of getting fewer click-throughs, it makes your company look less professional.

Q: What are the elements of good design?

A: It’s tempting to just focus on images, fonts, and colors when it comes to design. However, with a design for email marketing, you also need to think about strategy. For instance, how do you design an email to increase conversions? So, at Delivra, for instance, we will give you advice on how to incorporate clear calls to action (CTA) in your design. Placement and the size of the CTA button all can be considered part of a good strategy to increase your conversion rates. Truly effective design can only follow well-planned content.

Q: What are some other best practices for email marketing strategies?

A: Some of the latest statistics show that about 90 percent of people with smartphones are looking at emails from them at least once a day. That’s why responsive design is one of the most important best practices. Over the past two years, I’ve noticed an increasingly growing  emphasis on responsiveness. It’s become a buzzword. Now, it’s considered standard. It’s expected. With our software platform, the code is already built in to make the email responsive — making the email render differently across different screens, keeping the content as easy as possible for the recipient to engage with it. So when our customers use our drag-and-drop builder to create custom designs, that’s one less thing to worry about coding together. They don’t have to worry about whether it’s responsive. It’s already there, ready to go.


Q: Tell us more about Delivra’s Drag-and-Drop builder.

A: Sure. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from about our customers on our builder. They  love it. Not only are they able to create custom emails easily from scratch, they’re saving a lot of time in the process because they’re able to simply pull images and content around in their selected templates to create their design. It’s one of our most popular features.

Q: In what ways does Delivra help clients with design on their campaigns?

A: We may work directly with clients to make sure they’re sending an email with their desired content or give them tips on how to accomplish this themselves. Typically, the starting point is understanding the client’s message and their product. If they already have branding, we’ll help them integrate it into their emails or into custom-designed templates for them to work off of. Our Drag-and-Drop builder is created to make it easy for our less HTML-savvy customers to create emails from start to finish, but Delivra’s design team has the experts on both email design and email code. We can also work together with clients to create fancy emails that might require custom work not available in our Drag-and-Drop builder!

Q: Any other advice?

A: As a general rule, we recommend having a good balance of images to text. You should never send out one giant image as your entire email. If you’re sending an email that’s one giant image, it can get tagged as spam, not translate well on mobile screens, and become difficult to engage with. Conversely, if you only have a ton of plain text in your email, users may be bored with it before they even start reading. Give them something that engages them even before you ask them to click a button.


Ready to explore beautifully designed emails that get more attention? Celeste and the rest of the Delivra team are glad to get you started. Contact us to find out how our email marketing automation software is helping our customers boost conversion rates.


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