Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing

More than two-thirds of business leaders (68%) say they plan to integrate social media with their email marketing efforts in 2012 study released on December 12, 2011

Most companies utilize email marketing and social media in their marketing campaigns, but separately and consequently miss out on the huge benefits of integrating the two. While email gives you an intimate level of contact with your customers, social media is a public forum. Anyone who has something to say can join the stream of conversation in social media. It shares conversations and builds relationships. Email marketing can take these conversations to the next level. 

Integrating social media with email marketing can help you reach out to new customers and prospects. As more people share your email, you also get a chance to connect with new propsects who are interested in you. Once you know who your key influencers are, you can send dedicated email campaigns to them. 

What's the first step? Start by including social icons to your email campaigns. By adding these icons you make it easy for your customers to share your email content with their 'friends'. Another way is by sharing your emails with your social network. This way you can reach a wider audience, while sending email makes you reach only the limited number of people in your list. You can ask customers to share your email within their network. 

When you keep changing the way you connect with your audience it makes them stop and take notice. You can use social media to engage in conversations and pique the interest of your potential customers. Now invite them to your website where they can learn more about you and your products. By leveraging the power of social media you can extend the reach of your email campaigns. 



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