Empower your team with Delivra’s sophisticated marketing tools and watch ticket sales increase.

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Maximize every send

With every ticket purchase comes the opportunity to further connect with that customer. Make the most of your customer data through complex segmentation, personalization, and automation for better customer engagement and campaign efficiency.

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Tracking made easy and efficient

Take the guessing game out of your strategy with sophisticated data and integrations. Use easily accessible analytics to understand the results of your marketing strategies and investments and make the appropriate adjustments.

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Powerful growth and segmentation

Easily add forms and use automated SMS tools to help grow your subscriber base. Then, use custom fields or previous customer behavior to drive precise segmentation and send more relevant messages.

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Dedicated support experts

Dedicated account managers and support experts work directly with you to help unlock the power of the platform and maximize the features that are needed to grow your business.

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Sell more tickets with Delivra.

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“The big selling feature for me is Delivra’s ability to integrate data sets and do robust segmentations based on it. The way Delivra can ingest so much information about ticket purchases like how much people paid, where they sat, when they bought, and assist us in creating segments, that’s invaluable.”

Kyle Wright, Digital Projects Director at Shubert Ticketing

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