Sell More Tickets: How Marketers Can Increase Ticket Sales

With the advent of the Internet and social media, purchasing tickets for an event has become easier than ever.

While it is true that consumers are checking their email multiple times each day, as a society we have become immune to plenty of senders.

Ultimately, consumers are ignoring hundreds of incoming messages regularly.

With the right email marketing, however, it is possible to be seen and anticipated in the inbox.

email marketing for ticketing vendors drip campaign example

An email marketing campaign can drastically increase ticket sales for your next event by implementing the right headline and sharing content that truly resonates with your readers and potential customers.

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Why Email Marketing for Ticket Sales Works

Do you know one of the biggest secrets to increasing ticket sales with email marketing?

It’s actually list segmentation.

Understanding how to properly segment emails and marketing campaigns is imperative when attempting to reach new users, loyal customers, and recent subscribers.

Below are five segments you can begin using today to help increase ticket sales through email marketing.

Ticket Buyers

For individuals who have already purchased tickets, be sure to avoid sending emails about buying additional tickets to the same show or event.

Instead, alter the messaging you include within your emails to focus on event tips.

marketing automation campaign including ways to reduce stress and enjoy the event along with behind-the-scenes information regarding the venue.

Including details relevant to similar upcoming events (based on purchase history) is another way to keep your customers interested in using your website for ticket sales.

Prior Attendees

dynamic content example stubhub

For prior attendees, send emails thanking them directly for attending the event.

Include highlights of the event they have attended with photos and videos.

Rich content like that is a great way to increase engagement, customer loyalty, and boost your brand’s reputation.

Share exciting news and details on what is upcoming to help capitalize on the positive experience of purchasing their tickets through you.

Related Event Attendees

Similar to prior attendees, be sure to capitalize on your existing attendees and customers.

Reach out to them suggesting similar and relevant upcoming events and positive experiences.

Because these users have already shown they are interested in the events you have to offer, include details of future venues based on their purchase history, reviews, or events they have shown interest in while on your website.

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Dormant Attendees

If you have a group of individuals who have purchased event tickets in the past but have become inactive, it is important to craft the right re-engagement campaign to catch their interest and potentially generate more sales and consumer loyalty.

These customers may require additional convincing to use your services again, depending on the amount of time they have been dormant from purchasing.

Be sure to ask dormant attendees if they are still interested in receiving your messages while sending out a new re-engagement campaign to your list.

New Subscribers

New subscribers give you the ability to greet potential customers with a welcome campaign, introducing them to the types of events and deals they can come to expect from your service.

Use your new subscriber list as an opportunity to ask them to updating their mailing frequency and preferences so you are able to determine if they are suitable for additional email lists you already have.

Offering new deals, discounts, and exclusive content to new subscribers is another way to boost customer loyalty while retaining the interest of potential event attendees in the future.

12 Creative Ways to Increase Ticket Sales

Boosting ticket sales is not always an easy task.

Rather, it requires the ability to get creative and truly in-tune with your customer base and the events that are most desired.

Implementing a few creative tips within your email marketing is a surefire way to increase the number of tickets you are able to sell to all of your customers and subscribers.

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Think Mobile First

With more than half of all emails being opened with the use of a mobile device, it is essential to incorporate responsive templates when sending email marketing campaigns.

Always be sure to verify that emails are properly designed and users are able to easily navigate your emails with all devices, including smartphones and tablets for maximum outreach.

Speak to the Recipient in Your Subject Line

Capture the interest of your subscribers and customers, prompting them to learn more without overloading your subject lines.

Keep your subject lines short, sweet, and directly to the point to increase the opening percentage of all of your email campaigns.

Implement personalization and emojis to send a relevant message.

Test email subject lines with segmented groups to determine the best method for your current customers and new subscribers.

Use Tracking Links

When sending email campaigns it is important to keep tracking links in mind.

Track how your subscribers navigate your website from your emails to send specific emails triggered based on pages they frequent and click on from your campaigns.

The more relevant your future emails are that are sent, the more likely you are to receive additional page views and increase ticket sales from your loyal customers and subscribers.

Quick Digestible Content

increase ticket sales for ballet using email marketing

Sending emails that are simple and direct to the point are more likely to captivate your audience and draw in new visitors to your website.

Keeping your email content quick and digestible is a way to prompt users to yearn for more information from you, often resulting in link clicks and potential sales.

While short and sweet headers are vital, quick content that gets straight to the point is also a must.

Test multiple versions of each email you want to send to track which subject lines and copy receive the best results to better understand your current audience of readers and customers.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency with your email campaigns is another way to increase ticket sales and keep subscribers interested in what you have to say.

Offering “early bird pricing” or discounts that are limited on the number of sales can motivate readers to make a purchase.

Using language that is “hyped” and excited within subject lines and message copy can help get your readers more involved and enthused about upcoming events and ticket sales.

However, it is important to keep in mind that sending emails that are “too salesy” may be considered spam by email platforms, keeping your emails out of sight from potential customers.

Cart Abandonment Emails

For shoppers who have left your website with tickets in their carts, send reminders and if possible, discounts to help with regaining potentially lost revenue.

When shoppers are just clicks away from checking out and making a purchase they are much more likely to come back to finish the process with a gentle reminder or an incentive to go through with buying the ticket.

Avoid sending too many email reminders for your users to “complete their purchase” and “checkout”, as this may be viewed as spam if your readers are bothered too much by the message.

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Track and Measure

example of excellent mobile emails

One of the most important factors to remember when sending email campaigns to subscribers is to track and measure all results.

Tracking conversions and open rates of each individual campaign is a way to determine whether or not the emails you send are generating proper actions and will increase ticket sales.

Tweak email subject lines and content and run A/B testing on all campaigns individually to determine the right method to reach your subscribers when promoting events while attempting to generate sales.

Incorporate Direct Mail

A method that veers a bit from our digital world includes direct mailers.

Sending direct mail reminders to past customers and new subscribers is a way to catch the attention of those who have a vested interest in the type of events you promote.

Postcards and direct mail pieces stand out from traditional bills and email campaigns and are ideal if you want to appeal to loyal customers and even dormant consumers who have purchased from your website in the past.

Because so many companies have gone completely “digital”, sending a direct mailer is a way to stand out from the crowd while helping to establish your brand’s name and purpose into the minds of your followers and customers.

Try Animation

increase ticket sales with animated email marketing campaigns

Implementing animated graphics, or .GIFs, is one way to grab the attention of users while keeping them interested in the content you are sharing through email marketing.

Using a relevant GIF that is humorous or directly relates to tickets you have for sale can help boost the number of conversion rates your emails have, regardless of email segment you are trying to reach.

Selecting the right GIF animation can often mean the difference between turning users on to your company and the tickets you have available, or turning them away.

Testing is essential when going the animation route with email marketing, especially on different devices and browser resolutions to verify your animations always load up properly for readers.

Sending SMS Messages

With a method that is similar to direct mailers, SMS messages allow you to get personal with potential and current customers to remind them of upcoming events they may be interested in.

Sending SMS messages is an ideal way to increase ticket sales with loyal followers by offering discounts and tempting them to learn more about upcoming events you want to promote.

For customers who have already made a purchase of tickets from your website, sending event reminders is another way to maintain their loyalty while keeping them from missing out.

Use Data to Your Advantage

Using your CRM, other integrations, and past purchase history is an ideal way to make your email messages customized and completely personal to each individual who receives them.

By including names or specific interests within your email marketing campaigns, capture the interest of subscribers and loyal customers who are eager to hear more about what you have to offer and the types of upcoming events you are covering and promoting.

You can also create new email segments of users based on various types of events individuals are interested in to reach a wider audience in less time with upcoming campaigns you plan to send.

Keep Testing Everything

incredible email design example for an event

Testing everything involved with your email marketing campaigns and strategy is essential at all times.

Using A/B testing for email content, subject lines, calls-to-action, colors, and images is vital to ensure you are able to pinpoint the most effective methods of reaching your readers and customers.

Without proper A/B testing, you may be unaware of how your emails are viewed or what type of impression they are leaving on your subscribers, leading to a potential loss of revenue and sales.

By testing each email, subject line, and copy repeatedly, learn what works for your target audience and demographic to ensure you generate the best email campaigns for future sales and promotions.

Getting creative with email marketing is the key to success for many online businesses and brands today.

By driving more conversation and targeting the right segments, you can quickly increase ticket sales with the help of email marketing.


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