How to Use Mobile Apps to Raise Customer Engagement

As more customers use mobile devices for shopping, many businesses are implementing their own mobile applications that allow for targeted marketing and improved customer interaction. It’s a smart move and, when executed well, can have a positive impact on profits.

A Drugstore’s Digital Leadership

The Walgreens mobile app drives about 40% of the drugstore’s total digital traffic, thanks to handy features like “Refill by Scan,” which allows customers to order prescription refills without picking up the phone or waiting at the counter. The highly customizable app allows users to search for and save coupons and receive alerts about sales. Customers can also earn loyalty points by using the app’s fitness and health tracking features.

If you don’t have the budget to launch such a comprehensive app, that’s OK – this app has undergone much development and tweaking since it first debuted in 2008. You can start with something basic and add features along the way.

Unless you have the luxury of a team of in-house designers and developers, it may be easier to outsource app development. An app requires extensive back-end design and development, as well as testing to ensure it’s free of errors.

Using Apps to Connect

Apps give you unprecedented access to your customers, but first, you have to convince them it’s worth their time to download and install it. If you can use an app to offer exclusive discounts, or as part of a loyalty program (like Walgreens does), customers will be more likely to download your app.

Once users install your app, it’s harder for them to forget about you because they will see your app icon as they scroll through their other apps. If they don’t seem to be interacting with your app, you can use notifications to increase engagement.

A notification is like a succinct newsletter – it can tell customers about sales or special offers on the products they buy most often. Companies with brick-and-mortar locations can use geo-fencing and iBeacon technology to offer customers individualized in-store experiences.

A well-designed app definitely gives businesses an edge over competitors. Even small, local businesses can benefit from developing an app because it can help customers easily interact with a brand.

As you look toward your future marketing plans, think about how apps can complement your other efforts. If you need guidance about your overall digital marketing strategy, call Delivra today.


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