Email Marketing & Automation for Franchises

The right email marketing & automation platform to centrally manage and build your brand locally.

ROI for You and Your Franchises

Email marketing is a valuable piece to your overall marketing strategy. Learn how partnering with Delivra can help your franchisees exponentially grow your customer engagement, and more importantly ROI.

Unlimited Sub-Accounts

Delivra is built to scale with your franchise. We provide unlimited sub-accounts so you can add as many locations to your account as you have. This allows you to track each location for easy reporting.

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Customize Individual Administrative Permissions

Control your team’s access to settings or overall ability to send emails from a franchise level. It’s just another way for you to manage all locations from your central admin account. You can adjust permissions at any time.

Maintain Control of Your Brand

Franchises worry about brand dilution at the local level. Our shared media library allows you to upload approved content for use. This way you know your locations are reaching customers with approved mobile-friendly email marketing templates.

Continuous Training & Support

In addition to one-on-one training when you sign up, you and your franchisees will be paired with one of our experienced account managers. They’ll be your source for training and best practices when you need them. Think of us as an extension of your marketing team that will help get you and your franchisees up and running with Delivra.

Jamie L., Client Success Manager

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