It’s important to keep your CRM and automation platform in sync so your marketing and sales teams can take advantage of all the information you have. Never again fail to nurture a prospect or miss out on a qualified lead.

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Experience marketing and sales synergy

Choose which Salesforce leads and contacts to sync to Delivra, and add new Delivra contacts to Salesforce.

Sync leads and contacts bi-directionally so changes made in one system are reflected in the other.

Score and qualify leads using the scoring criteria that’s important to you.

Send engagement activity and lead scores to Salesforce to help your sales team prioritize their follow-up and close more deals.

Use your Salesforce data to automate any process

Use your Salesforce account, owner, and custom object data in Delivra for even more flexibility when targeting your contacts, personalizing your messages, nurturing and scoring your leads, and designing automated flows.

Add your Salesforce leads and contacts to an automation based on an event or data change.

Automate prospect nurturing and customer onboarding activities.

Send lead alerts to your sales team based on lead activity or score.

Update lead and contact data in Delivra and sync the changes to Salesforce.

Transition from one automation to another based on action, inaction, or data change.

Flexible setup options to support your business

Your Salesforce setup is unique to your business and requires an integration that is flexible enough to not cause disruption to your operations. That’s why we give you control over how to sync data between the two platforms. Use our simple UI to set it up – no technical skills required.

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