Email Marketing Metrics

Measuring SuccessCommon email marketing advice is to (once you’ve sent your message) take a look and analyze the reporting and statistics. Below are several common metrics you can look at and evaluate to determine how well an email marketing message is performing and if improvements can be made.

Clickthrough Rate. Percentage of opened messages a reader has clicked through on a hyperlink. There are total clicks which tracks each click that happened in a mailing. A unique click is the very first time the item was clicked per recipient.

Open Rate. Percentage of your sent messages opened by your readers. The open rate is tracked in two different ways. Total opens is the number every time an email is opened by a reader. However, unique opens track the very first time an email was opened and only that time.

Delivery Rate. Portrays how many emails were sent successfully to an inbox without bouncing back.

Revenue Per Email. This measurement can give you an idea of how much revenue your emails are generating and is also an indicator of how interested your subscribers are in the content offered.

Bounce Rate. Percentage of sent messages which generated a response indicating the message could not be delivered for some reason.

Return on Investment. This refers to the amount of money gained or lost from your email marketing campaign. With an effective email marketing campaign and by correctly tracking ROI, email marketing has proven to show a great ROI.

Conversion Rate. The percentage of your subscribers who clicked all the way through a call-to-action to complete a task.  This can include a number of things, such as making a purchase or downloading a whitepaper.

Engagement. A unique measurement Delivra offers showing how engaged a member was with a particular email campaign.

What other email marketing metrics do you suggest taking a look at on a regular basis?

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