Email Marketing Made Easy

As anyone who has done marketing of any type can tell you, there is no one size fits all approach for delivering your company’s message to potential clients.  Email marketing takes that problem to even greater heights as often marketers are working off just a single email address being the only demographic info they have about their subscribers.  Luckily, you have one thing going in your favor – email is extremely cheap so mistakes can be made without huge financial losses.  However, those early mistakes often will cause a lack of subscriber engagement, possible unsubscribes and occasional, reports of spam.

Strategy-wise, making mistakes first and learning from them seems like a weird way to get the best results, but since every organization is different and firm statistics are difficult to come by organization type, it can make the most sense.  Even someone who has a lot of experience doing email marketing can come into an organization that has lacked a true email service provider with a history of results and use only a best guess based on their experience for an initial email strategy.

If this doesn’t sound ideal to you, it isn’t.  While some individuals may lack the complete industry knowledge necessary to know a best strategy, this isn’t true of companies like Delivra who have worked with 1,000’s of clients across many different industries.  This is the reason many of our clients give us a chance to start them out on the right path.  If you work at an organization without a good history of results that can be analyzed or don’t feel like feeling around in the dark to find the perfect strategy, reach out to us at Delivra.  We would love to help get you on the right path before handing the perfected process back to you.


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