Email List Quality is Top Priority for B2B Marketers

When it comes to email list strategy, increasing email list quality is the most important goal for B2B marketers, according to new research from email marketing service provider and strategic consultancy Delivra, in partnership with Ascend2.

The report, titled B2B Email List Strategy, provides insights into what B2B marketers find to be the most significant barriers to building a better email list, and how they are overcoming them.

Increasing email list quality was the top objective for 70 percent of respondents, and many are achieving that goal, with 43 percent saying email list quality is increasing and only 15 percent experiencing a decrease in quality. Forty-two percent say their list quality is not changing.


“Effective email marketing campaigns are driven by email list quality,” said Neil Berman, CEO of Delivra. “We’re thrilled to team up with Ascend2 and provide an in-depth look at the challenges B2B marketers are facing, as well as some of the most effective tactics they’re using to achieve success.”

Lack of an effective strategy was cited as the most significant obstacle to email list success (51 percent), followed by inadequate list hygiene practices (39 percent), and inadequate list segmentation data (37 percent). Only six percent of marketers consider their email list strategy “very successful” at overcoming these barriers and achieving goals, while 54 percent settle for “somewhat successful” and 40 percent rank themselves as “unsuccessful.”


When asked what their most effective tactics used to achieve email list strategy success, the survey participants provided a variety of responses. The top three were: content download registrations (59 percent), email-specific landing pages (52 percent), and email social media integrations (38 percent).

Delivra, in partnership with Asend2, fielded this survey and received responses from 245 marketing influencers. This report represents the opinions of 123 companies dedicated to B2B marketing and sales.

You can view the full results of B2B Email List Strategy here.


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