Digital Marketing Solutions

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Delivra is an email marketing software firm at its core that also provides professional consulting, design services and other support to maximize your marketing efforts. Even if you are a seasoned marketing professional, you may not have time to manage all the pieces of an email marketing campaign. Our staff lets you stay in control of the aspects of email marketing that you love, and then we grab the baton and take care of the rest. With Delivra, you get more than just an email marketing product – you get an email marketing partner.

Delivra Offers Several Digital Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Software

Delivra employs a range of software tools to make campaign management easier and more successful. Editing software makes it easy to create campaigns and marketing materials from existing templates, or to blaze your own trail. Segmentation allows for easy custom messaging to subsets within managed email lists, and triggers pave the way for automatic email messaging based on consumer actions. Other software features include personalization, SMS/text messaging, real-time reports and integration with other forms of digital marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Solutions

Email marketing campaigns bring with them a variety of issues to manage. Delivra can customize its offerings based on your areas of need. In addition to serving as a general email marketing campaign manager, we offer consulting services to improve campaign efficiency and increase long-term success. Delivra also makes it easy to outsource time-consuming aspects of campaign production, including list preparation, content importing and testing; and the company’s API can be used to build email into current workflows and applications. With Delivra, you get more than just software – you get solutions.

Managed Email Marketing

You may be a newcomer to email marketing who needs a helping hand. Or perhaps you are a seasoned marketing professional, but the size of your organization doesn’t allow you the time to manage a campaign on your own. Delivra makes it easy to pass that work off to someone else. Let our professional staff manage your email marketing list and subset lists and handle other management matters concerning your account, such as email marketing templates and bulk email service.