Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns with Delivra

Were you on Facebook in the last hour?

There’s a darn good chance your prospects or customers were…

…and your brand could have been visible to them with Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook ad example dollar shave club

No two buyer journeys are the same.

Result-oriented marketers are focusing on how to be everywhere to reach their audience…

…and there’s one thing that is often forgotten.

The worst part is it’s right in front of you.

It’s your existing database of contact emails.

Imagine taking a list of contacts that are engaging with your email marketing campaigns and targeting them while they’re surfing a site that drives more traffic to news sites than Google.

Not only is it possible…

…but it’s easier to set up than you think.

Given the audience size Facebook has, you could make a pretty safe bet your customers or prospects are already there.

Paid Social Media Effectiveness

This creates a prime opportunity to develop a multi-channel campaign using email marketing and Facebook to drive your messaging.

We’re going to now show you just how simple it is to integrate your Delivra contact list with Facebook ads.

But if you aren’t sure what Facebook Ads are…

What Are Facebook Ad Campaigns and Why Are They Important?

Facebook allows you to create and serve your prospects or clients ads in their news feed or on Instagram.

facebook ad example

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There are two different ways to advertise on Facebook:

The first option is to build a target audience based on interests, location, age, gender, and so on.

The other option is to upload a list of contacts with email addresses directly and target only those in your list.

If you upload a list, Facebook takes your contacts and matches their user records to your contacts.

Keep in mind this may make Facebook ads more difficult for B2B as very few corporate email addresses are probably tied to Facebook accounts.

This doesn’t mean that it can’t be done…

…just that it might be more difficult to find a higher match rate of contacts.

But if you’re in the B2C space, woohoo!

There’s a ton of different ads you can create on Facebook…

Awareness ads can generate interest in your product or service.

Consideration ads can get people to start thinking about your business and look for more information about it.

Conversion ads can get people interested in your business to purchase or use your product or service.

There are two simple ways to create Facebook Ads using Delivra:

Collecting Engaged Contacts Using Delivra’s Multi-Channel Drip Campaign

By far the easiest route is using our powerful multi-channel drip campaign feature.

This automatically allows you to export a list of contacts that followed a specific workflow step in an automation campaign.

multichannel drip campaign delivra

This only works for those using marketing automation (otherwise you can skip down to the other way to creating an ad campaign on Facebook.

Now, back to multi-channel drip campaigns…

Let’s say you want to target contacts that are interested in a new product, and you promote the new product with a link to the product page.

In Automation, you’ll want to do two simple things:

First, drag a Wait For Event action icon below your promotional mailing in the drip.

wait for event example

You’ll want to set the event as the contact clicking on the link to your new product.

On the “Yes” branch, drag over the Export CSV action icon.

This will allow you to export any contacts that clicked to view your new product page from the promotional email you sent out.

You can even customize the frequency Delivra exports contacts from your automation campaign if you’re running a triggered campaign.

csv export delivra

This allows you to select which days of the week and who should receive the export directly.

Now that you have your list of engaged contacts ready to import into Facebook.

Collecting Engaged Contacts From Delivra (The Other Way)

Let’s use the same scenario of promoting a new product…

…but this time you’re sending a one-off regular mailing that is not part of a drip campaign.

In the Reports section of Delivra, find the correct mailing you sent out.

delivra facebook ad campaign 1

In the reporting view, click on the Unique Clicks link shown here:

delivra facebook ad campaign 2

Then you can export the list of contacts that clicked in your mailing.

delivra facebook ad campaign 3

You are able to choose whether you want to download the view of what you see or download all.

You can see what they clicked and only keep the contacts that viewed your new product page.

The CSV file will download to your computer instantly.

Creating Your Facebook Ad Campaign From Engaged Delivra Contacts

Now we have our list of engaged contacts from our mailing.

Time to get on The Facebook!

Go into your Facebook Ads account and create a new campaign.

In the Audience section, click on “Create New” and select “Custom Audience.”

delivra facebook ad campaign 4

From here, you’ll choose “Customer File.”

delivra facebook ad campaign 5

Next, “Choose a file or copy and paste data” — Remember, you have a CSV of contacts ready to import.

delivra facebook ad campaign 6

Take your CSV and drag it over into Facebook and give your Custom Audience a name.

delivra facebook ad campaign 7

Facebook will automatically look to match any users with the contact emails you uploaded.

Now you have taken your email marketing strategy and integrated it with Facebook ad campaigns, the leading advertising social media platform.

This puts you in the driver’s seat to create highly targeted ad campaigns on Facebook using contacts from your Delivra account.

You can learn more about our integrations here.

If you are interested in learning how to segment and kick your marketing automation strategy up a notch, download our Marketing Automation Workflow Templates. It will provide you 10 drip campaigns that our current customers are using successfully today to engage contacts and increase revenue.


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