Case Studies

We have been in the business of helping our clients build successful email campaigns for more than a decade. With every client, we focus on delivering results and driving revenue. While clicks and open rates are important, success is ultimately measured by sales and revenue for our clients. That’s why we love helping companies have more conversations … that lead to more sales and revenue.

See what Delivra can do for your organization: Review the following case studies to see the type of results you could be missing out on:

Our Case Studies


Beck’s Hybrid

Beck’s emails dynamically targeted content to farmers across the country proving their seed yields a win.

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American Legion

Delivra helped American Legion streamline its membership renewal and exceed its goal by 500 percent!

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Fleischmann’s Yeast

With Delivra’s guidance, Fleishmann’s Yeast increased its website traffic by 25%.

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Red Gold

Learn how Red Gold used Delivra’s social and email solutions to expand its subscriber base.

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John & Kira’s

See how the Delivra/NetSuite Cazoomi SyncApp delivered results for John & Kira’s through an email strategy.

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Central Restaurant Products

Discover how using customer data to send the right message to the right person paid off.

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Avis, Dollar, Thrifty Rental

A global reseller of rental cars realized coupling email with SEO and PPC increase ROI 63 to 1.

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We practice what we preach! Find out how challenging the status quo led to a 75% increase in response.

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Manhattan Fruitier

Check out how Delivra helped Manhattan Fruitier improve customer engagement while decreasing communication costs.

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Main Gate

Find out how Delivra helped this apparel retailer exceed its campaign goal by 600 percent!

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Drum Corps International

Accidental blacklisting can kill your email campaign. Find out how Delivra helped Drum Corps International avoid this deadly problem.

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Grapevine Cottage

Learn how email marketing with tactical segmentation helped drive sales for Grapevine Cottage.

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