Enterprise Marketing Software Suites: Settling The Debate

No company discussion on email marketing software is complete before the topic of enterprise marketing software suites versus best-of-breed software solutions is brought up. Whether you’re switching platforms or jumping into marketing automation for the first time, the questions always come up… Which route is the best for our business? Software suites versus best-of-breed has […]

email countdown timers help create inbox urgency

Email Countdown Timers: How to Create Urgency in the Inbox

When thinking about email countdown timers, it’s hard not to think about Tic Toc the Croc. Yes, we’re talking about that crocodile from Peter Pan. Captain Hook is chased relentlessly by Tic Toc the Croc. Luckily for Captain Hook, he always knew when Tic Toc was nearby due to his incessant ticking. When Captain Hook […]

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Confirmation Email Can Propel Conversions

The Best Way to Use Your Confirmation Email to Propel Conversions

The confirmation email is considered by many to be the marketer’s “Rodney Dangerfield”. They get no respect. While the email confirmation can be the least developed email marketing campaign sent to a customer or subscriber, they are ideal to showcase a one-to-one conversation with recipients while offering the highest likelihood of being open and read. […]

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email markup language

Email Markup Language: An Information Guide to Inbox Actions and Highlights

A call to action in the subject lines of your inbox? If you’ve used a mobile boarding pass to fly recently, confirmed a hotel reservation or even reset your login password all directly from your inbox, you’ve already seen email markup language in action. Markup language in email marketing can make it easier than ever for your […]

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The One Thing to Remember for Your Next Marketing Campaign

The One Thing to Remember for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Do you know how to tell if your last marketing campaign was a success? Wait a minute… Sorry about that. We need to make the question more specific. How do you know if the results from your last marketing campaign results were great? Ask that question to a room of marketers and you’ll get a […]

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Multi-Channel Marketing Response for Modern Marketers

Multi Channel Marketing Response: Building Customer Journeys Across Multiple Devices

In this modern age of multiple devices, multi-channel marketing is the new norm. As today’s brands look to find new ways to build customer journeys and connect with them in multiple digital arenas, modern marketers need to understand the challenges and benefits multi-channel marketing can bring to your engagement strategy. Recently, our digital marketing manager […]

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