How to Use Lead Scoring with Email Marketing

With sales being the ultimate conversion of any B2B marketing team, you need a straightforward path to determine how quickly your prospects will be ready to buy. The right insights can help you separate those who are buying soon from those who will be ready in several months—or those who may never buy at all. […]

Email click-through rates - how do I improve my email click-through rates?

12 Ideas to Improve Your Email Click-Through Rates

As a marketing strategy, email continues to be the channel with the most return on your investment. And the statistics show that people like getting their info, offers, and updates through email—a preference that cuts across all generations. Nearly 53% of consumers said that they check their inboxes more than 10 times a day, according […]

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Email SMS - What is email sms

Email, SMS & Push: How to Automate a Multi-Channel Experience

As a marketer, you only have to digest a few statistics to understand that your marketing strategies demand a multi-channel approach—more so than any other time in modern history. Chew on these statistics for starters: We’re now spending an average of 23.6 hours online—up from 9.4 hours in 2000. Most of that time (17.6 hours) […]

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Personalized content for email - how to personalize your newsletter content

10 Tips for Leveraging Personalized Content in Your Next Email

Personalization is the ultimate strategic goal for marketing teams who are trying to boost email opens, click-through rates and other signals of engagement. When more than 500 marketing specialists were asked about their number 1 priority for 2018, 28.6% cited personalization, according to the BrightEdge 2018 Future of Marketing and AI Survey. It’s easy to […]

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