Renter Move Out Series

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A good landlord/tenant relationship should not end when a tenant gives notice of intent to vacate. Use this automation to wish your tenants well in their new home, provide a move out checklist, and communicate the process and timeline for returning their security deposit.

Entry Event

Evaluate Contact Data

Automation Goal

Provide information to tenants who plan to move

How it works:

  1. Renters enter the automation when the Notice to Vacate Date changes.
  2. The first email is sent to acknowledge receipt of the Notice of Intent to Vacate.
  3. The renter waits in a pause step for 5 days (or whatever time frame you decide).
  4. The second email is sent to provide a Move Out Checklist, and remind tenants that the property should be left in the same condition in which it was received. Encourage tenants to repair damage, move all personal items, and clean the property.
  5. The renter waits in a pause step for 5 days (or whatever time frame you decide).
  6. The third email is sent to remind tenants about the Move Out Checklist, and to communicate the process and timeline for returning the security deposit.
  7. The renter waits in a Stop step.


  • A date-based custom field that identifies the Notice to Vacate Date 
  • 3 Automated API email designs

Get Started:

  1. Use this template to build the automation in your account.
  2. Design an Automated API email for each Send Email step.
  3. Update the Pause step if you want to use a different time frame between each email that is sent.

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Pro Tips:

  1. Add as many Send Email and Pause steps as you want.  There is no limit on the number of emails in a series.
  2. Always have a Pause step after each Send Email step to ensure that multiple emails are not immediately sent to your renters.
  3. Collect your renters in a Stop step at the end of the automation. This gives you the ability to extend the automation at a later date, if desired.
  4. Still need assistance? Contact our team for help.

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