New Prospect Nurture Series

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Use this opportunity to find out what engages your prospect. You can introduce your company and its products / services, provide valuable content, and collect additional information from your prospect.

Entry Event

Send Email

Automation Goal

Build a relationship with new prospects

How it works:

  1. An event occurs to initiate sending an email.  
  2. The first email is sent.
  3. The prospect waits in a pause step for 7 days (or whatever time frame you decide).
  4. The second email is sent.
  5. The prospect waits in a pause step for 7 days (or whatever time frame you decide).
  6. The third email is sent.
  7. The prospect waits in a Stop step.


  • 1 email design to start the automation
  • 2 Automated API email designs
  • Determine how you plan to send the first email.  Some options are:
    • Set up your Delivra subscribe form with a Welcome email 
    • Use a triggered email that sends based on a date or action that you define 
    • Send an automated email when connecting other products/tools using Zapier
    • Use our API to send an automated email based on an action that occurs in another system

Get Started:

  1. Use this template to build the automation in your account.
  2. Design a triggered or automated email for the first step.
  3. Design an email for all other Send Email steps.
  4. Update the Pause step if you want to use a different time frame between each email that is sent.

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Pro Tips:

  1. Add as many Send Email and Pause steps as you want.  There is no limit on the number of emails in a series.
  2. Always have a Pause step after each Send Email step to ensure that multiple emails are not immediately sent to your prospects.
  3. Collect your prospects in a Stop step at the end of the automation. This gives you the ability to extend the automation at a later date, if desired.
  4. Still need assistance? Contact our team for help.

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