New Customer Welcome Series (by Category)

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Customers expect to receive an email after subscribing to your service or creating an account. Use this automation to showcase your brand, engage your customers, and boost revenue through increased sales.

Entry Event

Joined Category

Automation Goal

Create a first impression that encourages customers to engage with your brand

How it works:

  1. The customer joins a category and is added to the automation.
  2. The first email is sent to welcome the customer to the community and send a reward (if one was offered for sign-up).
  3. The customer waits in a pause step for 3 days (or whatever time frame you decide).
  4. The second email is sent to collect customer preferences so you can send personalized and relevant offers and content.
  5. The customer waits in a pause step for 3 days (or whatever time frame you decide).
  6. The third email is sent to tell the customer about the brand and what makes it special.
  7. The customer waits in a Stop step.


  • 3 Automated API email designs
  • A category named New Customer Subscription (or whatever name you decide)
  • Determine how you plan to add contacts to the category.  Some options are:
    • Set up your Delivra subscribe form with a hidden category 
    • Import contacts into a category 
    • Assign the category when connecting other products/tools using Zapier

Get Started:

  1. Create a New Customer Subscription category in your account.
  2. Use this template to build the automation in your account.
  3. Design an Automated API email for each Send Email step.
  4. Update the Pause step if you want to use a different time frame between each email that is sent.

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Pro Tips:

  1. Add as many Send Email and Pause steps as you want.  There is no limit on the number of emails in a series.
  2. Always have a Pause step after each Send Email step to ensure that multiple emails are not immediately sent to your customers.
  3. Collect your customers in a Stop step at the end of the automation. This gives you the ability to extend the automation at a later date, if desired.
  4. Still need assistance? Contact our team for help.

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