We Updated Automated Flag Events. Here’s Why.

Marketing automation is one of the most powerful tools in Delivra.

From recapturing sales with an abandoned cart drip campaign, to triggering a warm welcome email to a new subscriber, our automated features help engage your customers and increase revenue.

It’s true that marketing automation can take some of the most repetitive tasks off your plate, freeing you up to focus on other important parts of your business.

That’s why when we created Automated Flag Events.

flag events

Automated Flag Events in Delivra give you the ability to target your contacts based on an action or inaction with a previously received email in a drip campaign, or identify if the contact is an SMS subscriber.

You also have the ability to evaluate a contact’s data field or category to determine their next steps within a campaign.

It’s almost like a behavioral fork in the road for your marketing automation, and based on what the contact did, or didn’t do, determines the next step in their experience.

When we first introduced Automated Flag Events, you could only select one link from each email or one URL to be browsed from your website to be evaluated for the next phase of a contact’s experience in a drip campaign.

We heard from our customers how they wanted more flexibility, so that’s what we’re introducing today.

Now with Automated Flag Events, you can choose multiple links in an email or pages on your website for evaluation within a drip campaign.

Selecting multiple pages for evaluation in automated flag events

With links, each link will essentially function as a “this link” OR “that link” within the flow of your drip campaign.

Same goes for browsed pages, allowing users to identify multiple URLs for evaluation, and includes the ability to import a list of URLs from your website.

In addition, you can now import a list of values for a text or numeric field when utilizing the IN or NOT IN operator when asking Delivra to evaluate contact data.

flag events select multiple web pages

This means should a customer’s status change based on actions they take, Delivra will look across multiple fields to identify if their status has changed.

According to Digital Trends, 73% of people say they prefer to buy from brands that make shopping experiences relevant to them.

Automated Flag Events help ensure the right messages are delivered to the right customers at the right stage of their customer journey.

Now, get out there and start making your customer’s experience a little more personalized.


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