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Engage your prospects, clients and partners in real-time with Delivra marketing automation connected to SugarCRM.

  • Sync SugarCRM accounts, contacts, leads and targets to Delivra
  • Sync target list members to a Delivra category 
  • Send campaign engagement and unsubscribes from Delivra to SugarCRM
  • Use Delivra’s automation platform to automate almost everything


Combine SugarCRM and Delivra to nurture prospects and close more deals. This 2-way integration, powered by Cazoomi, gives you the flexibility you need when mapping data between SugarCRM and Delivra.  You can:

  • Add new leads and contacts to Delivra
  • Add the lead or contact to an automation workflow
  • Send a lead alert to your sales team
  • Tag your leads and contacts by adding them to a category


Cazoomi’s platform is simple to set up, requires no ongoing developer involvement, and has a seamless integration with Delivra.  

For more information on how to get started visit SyncApps by Cazoomi

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