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It’s important to keep your CRM and automation platform in sync so your marketing and sales teams can take advantage of all the information you have. Never again fail to nurture a prospect or miss out on a qualified lead.

  • Custom field mapping and flexible setup options to support your business
  • Use your Salesforce data to automate any process with custom objects
  • Experience marketing and sales synergy with two-way sync


Utilize Salesforce and Delivra to nurture prospects, qualify leads and close more deals. Whether you want to have a one-way or a two-way connection set up, you have the flexibility to map the sync for each data field. You can:

  • Sync leads and contacts bi-directionally
  • Share engagement activity and lead scores with Salesforce
  • Send lead alerts to your sales team based on activity 
  • Add Salesforce leads and contacts to an automation, or transition from one automation to another, based on an event or data change


Delivra’s Salesforce integration is simple to set up through the UI and allows you to control how data is synced between platforms. 

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