Quick Email Verification

A list cleaning service to verify email addresses, reduce bounces, and increase ROI.



Effortlessly validate new email addresses to improve email deliverability, build a good reputation, and increase your email marketing performance.  Implement our Zapier integration to easily verify every new email address added to Delivra, or use the Bulk Email Verifier service on QuickEmailVerification to upload only the emails you want to verify.  For your convenience, QuickEmailVerification also provides a variety of free postmaster tools.


Combine Delivra and QuickEmailVerification to keep your email list clean without the need for manual updates. This integration automatically verifies new emails added to Delivra and unsubscribes invalid ones so you never send to them. You can even exclude personal or disposable email addresses by adjusting the default filter used in this integration.


We’ve made it easy for you to connect QuickEmailVerification to your Delivra account.  Simply log into Delivra, access our Integrations page, click on the QuickEmailVerification tile and follow the prompts.

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