An all-in-one loyalty and referral platform to reward your customers.



Grow your business by keeping customers engaged and rewarding them for purchases, referrals, social posts and more. 

  • Create custom rewards for spending money, taking classes, referring friends, posting on social media and more
  • Sync Perkville customers and contacts to Delivra
  • Use Delivra’s automation platform to automate almost everything


Combine Perkville and Delivra to send timely messages and sell more products. This integration, powered by Cazoomi, adds your customers and contacts to Delivra for easier targeting.  You can:

  • Add new customers and contacts to Delivra
  • Add the customers and contacts to an automation workflow
  • Tag your customers and contacts by adding them to a category


Cazoomi’s platform is simple to set up, requires no ongoing developer involvement, and has a seamless integration with Delivra.  

For more information on how to get started visit SyncApps by Cazoomi.


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