Online review management platform for gathering reviews and testimonials.



Build loyal customer relationships, measure satisfaction, drive online reviews and more.

  • Sync LoyaltyLoop contacts to Delivra
  • Share LoyaltyLoop customer data with Delivra
  • Categorize contacts in Delivra when a response is created in LoyaltyLoop
  • Send automated emails from Delivra when a response is created in LoyaltyLoop


Combine LoyaltyLoop and Delivra to keep customers engaged and expand your marketing efforts. This integration uses pre-built Zapier templates created by Delivra to give you the ultimate flexibility. You can:

  • Add new contacts from survey submissions
  • Tag contacts by adding them to a category when a response is submitted
  • Send an automated email when a new response is submitted


We’ve made it easy for you to connect LoyaltyLoop to your Delivra account.  Simply log into Delivra, access our Integrations page, click on the LoyaltyLoop tile and follow the prompts.

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