Meet the Team

Our company is as strong as the people behind it. We care about our people and know that our customers do too!

Founder & CEO

I love our company culture which exists to serve clients and allows staff to be themselves. We enable open communication, while working together with the long-term future in mind.

Neil Berman

President, CEO

Executive Team

“At our core, we exist to help our customers grow their businesses with email marketing and automation.  We do this by nurturing a culture of service and partnership with an eye for results.  We continuously evolve our platform and provide services to create real ROI for our customers.”

J.T. Metzger

Executive Vice President

IT & Deliverability Team

Using technology to empower Delivra’s clients and employees makes my day.

Kyle Holmes

Director of Operations

Admin Team

Our Admin Team is sort of like being head of Special Teams …. we may not score the touchdowns but we kick the extra points. What a wonderful job we have making our guests, our staff, their families and our friends feel welcome and a part of this special culture.

Ally Inglis

Office Manager

Product Team

My passion is to create a product that is thoughtful, useful, and will meet the needs of our customers.

Barbara Berry

Director of Product

Client Services Team

My Mom thinks I work in “computers”, my Son thinks I work on email, my Brother thinks I work in software, but what I really do is work with people, great people.  People whom I learn things from every single day.  Teammates who love to get better.

John Klein

Director of Client Services

Client Success Team

I often get the opportunity to help clients and teammates move from point a to point b. Sometimes that path is short and sometimes it’s more complicated, but I love to help them figure it out and almost always learn something in the process!

Rachel Rewerts

Client Success Team Manager

Support Team

So to quote George Eliot: “What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?” That’s what I try to do – make life less difficult for our clients!

Lisa Alden

Support Team Manager

Marketing Team

Joe Wanninger

Director of Marketing

Business Development Team

“I LOVE being a salesperson! I enjoy using my sales instincts, relationship building personality and solution selling skills to meet customer needs.”

Wayne Robbins

Director of Business Development

Design Team

Every day, I use the right side of my brain to design emails around our clients’ visual communication needs; and every day, I use the left side of my brain to code those designs into fully functioning emails across various email clients. I basically get to solve satisfying puzzles every day, and with an amazing team!

Celeste Odell

Senior Graphic Designer