The Delivra Story

In 1999, Neil gave up being a CPA to launch Delivra as an email marketing business. It was a decision that had people scratching their heads. Of course, that was 1999. There wasn’t a whole lot of traffic on the internet. Today, 82.6 billion emails are sent and received — every single day. And Delivra is dedicated to helping its clients do it right.

The idea of giving clients a helping hand while navigating email marketing hasn’t changed since Delivra opened its doors more than 15 years ago. The core of Delivra’s mission is helping clients build email marketing campaigns that get noticed, get conversations going with recipients, and actually get results. It’s just one of the things that make Delivra different.

Our team members say it best

Everyday I'm learning and problem solving. The rewarding part of my job is being in a culture that prioritizes people, values personalization and understands that quality of process is as valuable as the end goal.


I’m like Gandalf the Grey, guiding clients through the Middle-Earth of email marketing with my all-star team by my side. I love this type of collaborative problem solving…even if we do encounter a few goblins along the way.


Do you realize that right now you can put a message in the pockets of a thousand people? Imagine what you can do with that kind of influence. In the marketplace of ideas, my job is to help yours be heard.


    Our Culture

    Company culture is no cliché at Delivra. Every single person at Delivra is a valued part of the team.

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    A little bragging...

    We don’t always toot our own horns. When we do, it’s because we love what we do!

    100% Debt Free

    Since being founded in 1999, Delivra has been debt free. Neil started with $600 and now has a million-dollar company. An ode to Neil’s former career, accounting.

    90% Client Retention

    Over the last 4 years, Delivra has retained over 90% of their clients. Our customers value quality communication with their audiences and we are proud to be their email marketing software.

    Privately Owned for Over 16 Years

    CEO, Neil Berman, founded Delivra over 16 years ago and it has remained privately owned by Neil ever since.

    Best Places to Work

    Delivra has won the “Best Places to Work in Indiana” award the last 5 years. We love our employees, and it shows.

    In The News

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