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Managed Email Marketing

Delivra provides effective solutions for managing every facet of your email marketing campaigns.

Delivra provides effective solutions for managing every facet of your email marketing campaigns, ensuring that you won’t get bogged down with details and struggles that may otherwise strip this form of marketing of its potential value. Whether you are a seasoned marketing professional who simply doesn’t have time to manage the campaign or a technological novice, we can help guarantee the long-term success of your email marketing.

List Management

When it comes to managed email marketing, a recipients list can create constant housework. Even with automated opt-ins and opt-outs, managing an email marketing list and list subsets can take a lot of time. But list management is an essential component of a bulk email service’s long-term viability. It’s important that email recipients continue to receive the marketing materials that are most relevant to their interests and needs. When these management processes fall by the wayside, reduced response rates are sure to follow.

Adjusting Your Campaign

Email marketing materials must change over time. As you compile and crunch data from your email marketing campaigns, you’ll discover aspects of your current strategies that could produce more efficient results and a higher response rate to your emails. Delivra sees these changes as necessary and, ultimately, beneficial pieces of the email marketing process. Our team of professionals can help in fine-tuning email marketing campaigns as they go along. Delivra’s staff of professionals are highly skilled at managing your email marketing without taking up your valuable time, allowing you to focus on other tasks. Our account managers can help with any of your technology needs, and always work to ensure the long-term effectiveness of your campaign.