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A diverse selection of email marketing software solutions to give you an edge over your competition.

Advanced Segmentation

Personalize your mailings by creating segments of subscribers based on everything from demographics to clicks and purchases.

A/B Split Testing

Start testing your email content, call-to-actions and subject lines, and see performance lifts of over 200%.

Proven ROI

Clients have seen returns greater than $35 per $1 spent with Delivra. This can be seen clearly through our integrations with third party databases and Google Analytics.

Responsive Design

Design emails that look beautiful on not only desktop, but mobile and tablet as well.

  • Software Features

    A/B Split Testing

    By testing call-to-actions, subject lines and other content, our clients have seen a 38% lift in performance - experiment with your campaigns by performing advanced split tests. Import your content, choose your subject lines, and send two slightly different mailings to two small groups of subscribers. Delivra will automatically send the better performer to the rest.


    Delivra analytics report Data analysis is essential to any marketing campaign, especially those conducted online. Delivra offers real-time marketing reporting tools that provide valuable up-to-date feedback on your campaigns, allowing you to quickly assess the efficacy of your efforts and make changes where necessary. Delivra has dozens of reports, allowing you to easily compare campaigns and mailings, as well as display delivery and tracking results, subscriber activity, clickthrough heatmaps, and email/social sharing.  

    Easy Editor

    Create email campaigns from existing templates, upload your own template, or start from scratch. Either way, Delivra makes it easy to build or modify campaign materials to get exactly what you want.  Our editor includes all the basic tools plus the following advanced features:

    • Lockable content sections to preserve brand identity
    • Conditional content that is driven by underlying data
    • HTML snippets to speed content creation
    • The ability to embed bar codes in body of your message
    • Image map editing allows you to add multiple links to a single image


    Store and organize HTML landing pages, PDF, Excel, Word and HTML email files. Our recursive template publishing tool helps organizations to copy content to multiple users with the click of a button.


    delivra Once your content is created, our mailing wizard makes it easy to start sending, whether you're ready to send right away or you'd like to schedule a mailing for a later date and time. Our mailing wizard includes suppression, random testing, purging from previous mailings, scheduling, throttling, campaign aggregation, reply filtering, and split tests with percentage and number methodology.


    Further improve recipient response by creating individual messages based on your subscribers' demographic data.


    segmentation Divide your email list into subsets and manage customized messages to each subset, improving consumer engagement.  Our amazing segment wizard supports creating list segments based on text and numeric fields, actions (opens, clicks, etc), purchases, surveys, subscriber geography, engagement, social sharing and categories.

    SMS/Text Messaging

    Delivra offers both Text-to-Subscribe and Outbound SMS, designed to expand your marketing reach into the mobile realm.


    Set up automatic email triggers that go out based on consumer actions such as clicking a hyperlink, opening an email, submitting information via a website form or purchasing an item from your website.

    Services & Integrations

Managed Email Services

As a marketer, it can be difficult to balance all of your every day tasks, let alone try to manage a successful email marketing campaign. That's why it's helpful to have an expert email partner to push tasks to. Learn more about Delivra's managed services by visiting our services page.

Product Integrations

Delivra's email marketing platform can be easily combined with other digital marketing tools to give you the best information available. There's no need to limit yourself to one source of information - visit our product integrations page to learn more.

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